Wine Country​​


Wine Tasting Locations in Roseburg, Oregon

Here at the Terraluna Inn, you are in the heart of Oregon’s famed wine country. Here are some of the wineries that are within a few mi.nutes’ drive of our Bed and Breakfast right here in Roseburg! Feel free to chat us up with any questions you may have about them
Paul O’Brian Winery
0.6 mi. 
Trella Vineyards
4 mi. 
Spangler Vineyards
4 mi.
Foon Estate Vineyard
4.9 mi.
 Delfino Vineyards & Winery
6.2 mi.
Southern Oregon Wine Institute
6.3 mi.
Cooper Ridge Vineyard
6.4 mi. 
Evensong Winery
6.5 mi.
Melrose Vineyards
6.7 mi. 
Abacela Winery
7.2 mi. 
Joseph Jane Winery
8.6 mi. 
Hillcrest Winery and Distillery
9.0 mi. 
Reustle-Prayer Rock Vineyards
11.3 mi. 
Girardet Wine Cellar
13.5 mi.
Season Cellars
3.8 mi.
Chateau Nonchalant Vineyard
9.7 mi · Roseburg, OR

Becker Vineyard
7.9 mi · Roseburg, OR
Ferraro Family Vineyards
7.2 mi.
 Oran Mor Artisan Mead
3.8 mi.